Simple Sandals

Violet Welch
10 min readApr 9, 2024



Welcome to our roundup of the finest Simple Sandals available in the market today. Get ready to discover a curated selection of comfortable, stylish sandals that promise to elevate your summer look with their simple yet elegant designs. Whether you’re hunting for a classic pair or something a bit more modern, we’ve got you covered.

The Top 5 Best Simple Sandals

  1. Comfortable Women’s Breathable Flat Sandals — The Sun + Stone Miiah Womens Faux Leather Ankle Buckle Flat Sandals boast a stylish and breathable design, making them the perfect addition to any warm-weather wardrobe.
  2. Fashionable Thong Sandals for Summer — The Sun + Stone Kristi Women’s Ankle Thong Sandals in White Smooth boast a minimalistic design and comfortable fit, perfect for summer fun with their faux leather material and T-strap detail.
  3. Mia Women’s Comfortable Peyton Flat Sandals in Rose Gold — Size 7.5M — Stay cool and comfortable in the trendy Peyton, featuring a faux leather upper, adjustable closure, and Mia’s signature contoured footbed.
  4. Effortless Slip-On Sandals in Poliana Style — Black — Elevate your spring wardrobe with the comfortable and stylish Mia Slip-On Sandals — Poliana, perfect for all black outfits and effortless on-the-go style.
  5. Mia Yelena Bone Sandal with Minimalistic Appeal — Slide into sophistication with Mia Yelena’s minimalist slide sandal, featuring a tiny wedge and effortless straps for effortless style.

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Comfortable Women’s Breathable Flat Sandals

Comfortable Women's Breathable Flat Sandals | Image

The Milah sandals are a stylish choice for women looking for flats that are perfect for warm weather. The faux leather material is breathable and adds a touch of sophistication to the shoe, making them versatile for various occasions. The ankle straps can be a bit tricky to adjust, as some reviewers have noted that they may be too tight for larger calves.

However, once the sandals are broken in, they offer great comfort and support. The sandals lack arch support, which some users might find challenging, but overall, they are lightweight and well-suited for casual wear. Although the cost of the sandals is on the higher end, they offer a trendy and comfortable option for those who value style and breathability in their footwear.

Fashionable Thong Sandals for Summer

Fashionable Thong Sandals for Summer | Image

These sandals, with their barely-there T-strap profile, are the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. I found them to be quite comfortable, but only for a short time.

Even though they were easy to slip on and off, my feet would start sliding around after a while. The fit could be an issue too, as I felt they ran slightly small.

However, the colors and variety of options make this a fun choice for stylish footwear.

Mia Women’s Comfortable Peyton Flat Sandals in Rose Gold — Size 7.5M

Mia Women's Comfortable Peyton Flat Sandals in Rose Gold - Size 7.5M | Image

When I first tried on the Peyton Women’s Flat Sandals, I was immediately drawn to their eye-catching rose gold color. As I slipped my foot into the sandal, I noticed how comfortable the contoured footbed felt, making it perfect for long walks in the summer sun.

The faux leather upper looked sleek and luxurious, while the cut edged strap hugged my foot securely without restricting movement. The ankle strap, with its adjustable closure, allowed me to make the sandal fit just right, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit.

While I enjoyed wearing the Peyton sandals, I noticed a slight issue with the sizing. The 7.5M was a bit too tight for my foot, leading to some discomfort. However, overall I was pleased with the level of comfort and style these sandals provided during my adventures.

In conclusion, the Peyton Women’s Flat Sandals from Mia proved to be a stylish and comfortable choice for casual outings. With their fashionable rose gold color and cut edged strap design, they made me feel confident and relaxed. Although the sizing aspect could use some improvement, I would recommend checking them out for a fun summertime addition to your wardrobe.

Effortless Slip-On Sandals in Poliana Style — Black

Effortless Slip-On Sandals in Poliana Style - Black | Image

Poliana sandals in black have been my go-to footwear for this springtime. Their effortless slip-on silhouette is a game-changer for busy days and quick outfit changes.

Crafted from faux leather and boasting a unique twist strap upper, these sandals seamlessly transition from work to play. However, I noticed that the sole and heel are quite thin, providing less support than I’d like. Overall, Poliana sandals are a stylish and convenient choice, but they may not be the most comfortable option for long-wear.

Mia Yelena Bone Sandal with Minimalistic Appeal

Mia Yelena Bone Sandal with Minimalistic Appeal | Image

I recently purchased the Mia Yelena Slide Sandal from Nordstrom Rack, and I must say, they offer a simple and stylish look. The nude slides are perfect for minimalist fashion enthusiasts.

While I appreciated the soft and comfortable wedge, the straps were a bit too loose for my taste. I found myself constantly adjusting them to keep my feet secure.

Unfortunately, this sandal wasn’t as comfortable as I hoped it would be for everyday use, and the discomfort had me regretting my purchase.

Buyer’s Guide

A good pair of simple sandals can be the perfect footwear for various occasions, from casual outings to beach vacations. With the multitude of options available, choosing the right pair can be challenging. Here is a buyer’s guide that focuses on the important features, considerations, and advice for selecting simple sandals.



The material of the sandal is one of the most important factors to consider when making a purchase. Simple sandals are usually made from materials like leather, synthetic materials, or natural fibers. Leather is a popular choice for its durability, breathability, and stylish look. Synthetic materials are often more affordable and lightweight, while natural fibers like jute or cotton provide a more eco-friendly option.


Comfort should be a top priority when selecting simple sandals. Look for features such as cushioned footbeds, adjustable straps, and arch support. Well-fitted sandals will provide all-day comfort and support for your feet, preventing them from getting tired or sore. Additionally, consider purchasing sandals with breathable linings to keep your feet cool and dry.



The style of simple sandals can vary significantly, depending on your preferences and the occasion. Basic sandals typically have a minimalist design with a simple strap, while more intricate sandals may feature multiple straps or decorative details. Consider the style that best fits your personal taste, as well as the activities you will be using the sandals for.


Durability is another key factor to consider when purchasing simple sandals. High-quality materials and construction techniques will ensure that your sandals last for an extended period, withstanding regular wear and tear. Pay attention to the stitching, straps, and soles, as these components are particularly crucial in maintaining the sandal’s overall structural integrity.



What makes these sandals “simple”?

Simple Sandals refers to a range of footwear that prioritizes minimalistic design and functionality over flashy features or excessive branding. These sandals often feature a streamlined, low-profile design, with a focus on comfort, breathability, and durability. They typically have a simple strap system, which makes them easy to slip on and off, and they often come in basic colors that complement a wide range of outfits.

By keeping the design uncomplicated, these sandals offer an affordable, versatile, and practical option for individuals who prioritize functionality and ease of use in their footwear. They are ideal for casual wear or outdoor activities, and their low maintenance and easy-to-clean nature make them a popular choice for many.


Are Simple Sandals suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, many Simple Sandals are designed with outdoor activities in mind. They often have a sturdy construction, which makes them suitable for rough terrain and various weather conditions. The simple straps and low-profile design also ensure that the sandals are secure and comfortable to wear during such activities. Moreover, the sandals are usually made of quick-drying materials, which helps to maintain comfort and functionality even when exposed to water or damp conditions.

Additionally, Simple Sandals often feature anti-slip soles, which provide better traction on wet surfaces or steep inclines, making them a safe choice for outdoor adventures. Their minimalistic design also makes them lightweight and easy to pack, making them a great option for travel or hiking. Overall, Simple Sandals are a practical and comfortable choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

What materials are these sandals made of?

Simple Sandals are typically made of lightweight, breathable materials that provide comfort and durability. Common materials include leather, which offers excellent durability and a natural, supple feel, and synthetic materials, which are lightweight and easy to clean. Many sandals also feature quick-drying mesh or synthetic materials for the upper part of the sandal, which helps to keep the feet cool and dry during outdoor activities.

The straps of Simple Sandals are usually made of durable, adjustable materials like polyester or nylon webbing. These materials are comfortable against the skin, easy to clean, and provide a secure fit without causing irritation or discomfort. The soles of the sandals often feature non-slip, rubber soles that provide good traction and durability, ensuring that the sandals remain functional even after prolonged use.


How do I care for my Simple Sandals?

To prolong the life of your Simple Sandals, it’s essential to clean and maintain them regularly. Start by brushing off any loose debris or dirt from the sandals. If they become dirty, you can use a mild soap or detergent and a soft brush or cloth to clean the surface. It’s essential to avoid using harsh chemicals, as this could damage the materials and affect the quality of the sandals.

After cleaning, allow the sandals to air dry completely before wearing them again. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or extreme heat, as this could cause the materials to degrade or lose their shape. To prevent the sandals from getting too worn out, store them in a cool, dry place when they’re not in use. Regularly checking the straps and soles for wear and tear, and replacing them if necessary, will also help to maintain the quality and functionality of your Simple Sandals.

How do Simple Sandals fit?

Most Simple Sandals offer a one-size-fits-all design or come with adjustable straps to accommodate different foot sizes. However, it’s essential to measure your foot before purchasing to ensure a comfortable fit. Start by measuring the length of your foot from your heel to the tip of your toes. Next, measure the width of your foot at its widest point, usually across the ball of your foot.

When trying on the sandals, slip your feet into them and adjust the straps as needed for a snug yet comfortable fit. The sandals should fit securely, but not too tightly, as this could cause discomfort or restrict blood flow. The heel should also sit securely without causing any pain or pressure. If you’re between sizes, opt for the larger size, as this will ensure a comfortable and secure fit. It’s always a good idea to wear socks or foot liners when trying on sandals to ensure a more accurate fit and to prevent any discomfort or chafing.

Can Simple Sandals be worn for casual occasions?

Yes, Simple Sandals are versatile and can easily be dressed up or down for various occasions. Their minimalistic design and comfortable fit make them a great choice for casual wear, such as running errands, going for a walk, or spending time at the beach. Although they are designed with outdoor activities in mind, their stylish appearance and ease of wear make them a suitable option for more formal events or stylish outings.

To dress up your Simple Sandals for casual occasions, consider pairing them with a breezy summer dress or linen pants. You can also add a touch of elegance by accessorizing with a stylish belt or a dainty piece of jewelry. For more formal occasions, opt for a neutral color that complements your outfit and choose an embellished version of the sandals for added style. Overall, Simple Sandals offer a versatile and comfortable option for any casual occasion.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.